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Need a true 1-way Google Calendar Sync for my Droid3

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by juliesdroidsyn, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. juliesdroidsyn

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    OK, this is as much a Google Calendar Sync question as a Droid3 question, but here goes my story...

    1-way sync between 2 Google Calendars.

    OK, before someone tells me this is "unnecessary" because I can just "view" 2 calendars on my Droid3... let me explain my scenario:

    Google Account/Calendar #1: Used to Update community calendar of events that I'm responsible for maintaining. This Google calendar feeds several websites. Therefore, obviously, I don't need my families birthdays, etc., Showing up on this calendar.

    Google Account/Calendar #2: used by my Droid3 for personal events. I also want to see the public events from GC#1 on this phone.

    If I synchronize these two accounts/calendars, my personal events DO show up on the first calendar… Yes, I have tried this. The result was that my personal events were posted on several websites… Was not cool…

    Initially, (before I changed from Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird) I WAS able to get around this problem syncing to Droid3 by doing the following:

    My e-mail client/calendar WAS Microsoft Outlook.

    How I made this work, and it worked rather nicely, was:
    1.) Using Google Calendar Sync Software, I did a ONE-WAY SYNC from Google Account/Calendar #1 to Microsoft Outlook.
    2.) Then with another piece of software, CompanionLink for Google, I did a TWO-WAY SYNC between Microsoft Outlook and the Google Account/Calendar #2.

    The Result: When I put event directly into the Google Account/Calendar #1, a one-way synchronization would be performed to my Microsoft Outlook, and then that single event would be pushed through the second piece of software to my Google Account/Calendar #2.

    If a personal event was entered into GC#2, a two-way synchronization would occur between it & Microsoft Outlook. (This event would never get pushed to Google Account/Calendar #1, because there was only a one-way synchronization between GC#1 and Outlook…)

    Therefore, public events from GC#1 would show up, one time, on my Droid3 as a new event in GC#2, and show up JUST ONE TIME in my Microsoft Outlook.

    It worked lovely…

    Until, that is…

    Until I decided to stop using Microsoft Outlook, and changed to Thunderbird...

    Here's where it gets tricky…

    Thunderbird is capable of viewing multiple Google calendars, so theoretically I could continue to put public events into Google Calendar/Account #1, and Private Events into Google Calendar/Account #2, and easily view them both in Thunderbird. Public events would show correctly on the websites that Google Calendar/Account #1 Feeds. Personal events could be entered directly into Google Calendar/Account #2.


    The problem with this scenario is that I could not see public events on my Droid3, which uses the other calendar…

    Now the first thing I'm sure somebody is going to tell me is to synchronize the two Google accounts on my phone. I tried that before, and that's when my personal events started showing on public websites… This really does not work!

    And although the android phone allows me several different calendar options for different Google accounts such as "SYNCED/VISIBLE", "SYNCED/NOT VISIBLE", "NOT SYNCED/NOT VISIBLE", guess what???

    In order to make this scenario work, The combination I actually need is "NOT SYNCED/VISIBLE", the one option that for some reason is not available in calendar settings on the android phone... (Because if I had that option, it would be fine to go ahead and view both calendars on the android device, because items would no longer need to be duplicated… in other words, GC#2 itself would hold ONLY personal events, but I could see ALL events by viewing (without syncing) GC#1. Quite strange that the option "NOT SYNCED/VISIBLE is unavailable!)

    (Oh, and before someone asks why I don't just use my Phone Calendar on the Droid3 for personal events... I actually have a third Google account for my Xoom Tablet that I synchronize with the Droid3. If I used the phone calendar, the xoom would never see those events... :))

    In the meantime, while I'm trying to figure out a better way, I'm allowing these synchronizations through Outlook continue to take place, because I really have no other choice. This would really be no big deal, except that with multiple pieces of software are doing these synchronizations, and occasionally some "weird things" and data loss have occurred that I cannot explain. I also want to delete Outlook from my machine entirely... Also, with this current scenario, when I check my calendar in Thunderbird, and have to view both Google Account/calendars at the same time, all public events are duplicated...distracting and annoying...

    I realize that's an incredibly detailed explanation, however I felt it necessary to explain why a normal synchronization scenario of two Google calendars will not work for me.

    What I really need is a ONE-WAY SYNCHRONIZATION from Google Calendar/Account #1 to Google calendar/account #2. Public events will stay public, private events will stay private, and there will be no duplications in my Thunderbird calendar.

    Perhaps I'm making this more difficult than it needs to be, but I have tried and failed with the normal synchronizations.

    Any ideas?

    Any input will be appreciated.

    Thank you



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