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Need Adobe Flash Player for Android 2.1 Cincinnati Bell Blaze (Commtiva)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Blazer, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Blazer

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    Help! How to get Adobe Flash Player for Android 2.1 cell phone? I spent over an hour on the phone w/ Cincy Bell tech who transferred me to Commtiva yesterday. Commtiva was going to check this problem on a REAL phone and call back....but not so far. Can I download a lower version Adobe Flash Player? None of these are listed in the "Market." :thinking: Am I asking too much to be able to run the webbased program that I actually purchased this phone for--Weight Watchers e-tools. American Greetings e-cards (in emails and facebook) also will not play. When I click to install "Adobe Flash Player," I get this message from the Adobe page: "Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Android 2.2 has been released to partners. The upgrade path for your phone depends on the specific device, manufacturer, operator and the region you are in. If your device has already received Android 2.2, Adobe Flash Player will be coming soon." Who are these partners? And I only have Android 2.1. Do I need to take this phone back or will there be a fix to this issue soon? If I do take it back, what phone at Cincy Bell runs Adobe 10.1? Or should I just switch carriers entirely? Just got this new phone on Saturday (2/12/11).

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  2. Kokumuo

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    First off, paragraphs are your friend.

    Anyways, as you noted in your post you cannot use flash on 2.1 devices. Flash requires 2.2 or better. As far as Cincy Bell phones that support 2.2 you can either get the Samsung Vibrant or get the Moto Milestone and install the custom 2.2 ROM. I'd go the Vibrant route if I was you since the Milestone 2.2 ROM would void your warranty and has no support by CBW.

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