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Need ads stopper

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kennersblack, May 21, 2013.

  1. kennersblack

    kennersblack Member
    Thread Starter

    What app to use to stop all the pop-up ads on the internet

  2. svz235

    svz235 Android Enthusiast

    Are you rooted?
  3. kennersblack

    kennersblack Member
    Thread Starter

  4. svz235

    svz235 Android Enthusiast

    There are various apps in the Google play store just type ad blocker and there will be a bunch of apps for you
  5. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Ad-Blocker is what I use.
  6. svz235

    svz235 Android Enthusiast

    Hey can you send me a link to the one your using cuz I try looking for it but I can't find it
  7. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User

    Here ya go. It's been removed from the Play store but there is a link for it in this post over at XDA. You will need to put it on your sd card and then install it. Make sure you have UNKNOWN SOURCES box checked in your settings so it will allow the installation. :D

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  8. svz235

    svz235 Android Enthusiast

    OK thanks
  9. tastycaramel

    tastycaramel Guest

    You can also try AdAway. I used to use AdAway and it works great.

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