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Need advice please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RizeAbove, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. RizeAbove

    RizeAbove Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I hope i am posting in the right spot. I have had my kyocera rise for a few months now...I have general knowledge about it but I would like to ask for opinions on the following questions: and please forgive me if i ramble on lol..just very new and curious to the android world.

    1. As a alternative to stock browser..is there any other app that does what chrome does..but actually supports the pull out keyboard..and doesnt take up over 55 mbs?

    2. My husbands facebook got hacked. he doesnt have a smartphone its only a cheap prepaid phone. so this made me a little paranoid..since i started using the facebook app..i am concerned about security because i get random text messages from some person with a link in the text for some website..which i never click..that being said...i use avast for mobile security. but i read on another post that since android is linux based i shouldnt be too concerned with viruses..but rather watch the apps i download and the permissions i give them. so mainly..facebook app sucks but right now so does the website via chrome. any advice on avast vs. AVG for mobile security? or any others that are free..and include web shield?

    3. opinion on the app Clean Master? been using since day one..absolutely love it! cleans junk files with ease but is there a better one?

    last one..:D
    ok regarding my sd card..i was very annoyed to learn that without a app like ES file explorer..theres not much choice for someone like me who likes files organized and in folders. but what i would love to know is..is there an app that can help me get rid of junk files SAFELY off? i am worried i might delete an important file for the OS to run. if thats even possible?

    Ahhh ok I feel better now. Thanks to all for reading and/or any advice or opinions

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  2. tresveces

    tresveces Newbie

    browser: for android it's either chrome or firefox ... take your poison. ;)

    security: I would recommend Hotspot Shield when using public wifi. It encrypts your connections and protects against wifi sniffers.

    hope if helps :)

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