Need an alternative to HTC phones for sending group text messages


Hello guys...

My experience with HTC Sensation and even the HTC One S was fabulous especially when using SMS/Text...

The key feature that I used on those HTC phones was the fact that if i ever needed to send a text message to a group I will just select the group name (which I have already set in my gmail contacts acct with valid phone numbers)... one group has 70 contacts and i was able to send out the text..

however, my experience with samsung phones and currently using the l9 isn't as such.. i can only send up to 10 recipients...

also, i couldn't locate a good app for sending out the sms to group..

i will love to use the s4 but i dont think i can send the sms similar to the htc phones..

please advise..


Moved to Android Applications. Thanks for your understanding. :)

As for a suggestion, have you given Handcent SMS a try? That's a pretty popular texting app that have what you're looking for.


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Hi mq2007, and welcome to AF :)

I do very little group texting, so can't really answer your question directly. But if you've found HTC work well for this, there's always the HTC One as an alternative to the S4 ;)

Hopefully somebody else will be able to suggest an app though!