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Need an android phone with following requirements. Please suggest.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by paragkalra, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. paragkalra

    paragkalra Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have used iPhone4 in past but was not happy with it's antenna problem. Now I am using my old Nokia N79 and want to get back to touch screen.

    So finally I have decided to move on to Android. But I am really confused. I have following unique requirements.

    Please suggest an android phone that will suffice these needs

    1. It should have a FM radio
    2. Hands-free headset should let me control music i.e I should be able to pause songs, start them, move to next song, change the volume etc. If there are any specific OEM hands-free headset or any particular app for that then please let me know.
    3. Camera

    Good to have:
    1. 4G support
    2. Free Android upgrade
    3. GSM

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  2. Sounds like everyone lol which does not say much about iPhone then now does it?

    First pick the carrier you want then we can move on to device. If you looking for high end device TMo = MT4G, VZ = Thunderbolt, Sprint = Evo.
  3. paragkalra

    paragkalra Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am okay with any carrier but want ATT to be the last option. :)
  4. Well I was asking as device won't do you any good if your area is owned by someone else. So if you want high end device better than the iPoney I say go with MT4G(TMo), Inspire(ATT). But if you can wait then don't upgrade as you can get dualcore based phone in month or two look in to LG Opt 2x and Atrix.
  5. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    I will assume you are in the usa...
    you requirement of GSM: only ATT or Tmobile has GSM of the 4 major carriers. and you hate ATT.. so TMobile it is.

    I agree.. you need to confirm that TMobile service has good signal and service in your area.

    1. you can visit tmobile website to confirm which phone has FM radio. My guess the top 4 phones will have it. G2, Mytouch4G, Nexus S, Vibrant.

    2. there are NO handfree wired headset that I know of will do that.
    but a stereo bluetooth headset will do these things.

    3. Samsung has great cameras. YOU have your own camera requirements.. maybe the HTC devices will meet your needs too.
    all you said was "camera" and all of them have a camera.

    1. 4G.. that is totally dependent on your area. TMobile has 4G, but location dependent.. MyTouch and Nexus S has 4G support.
    2. android updates.. that is not simple. most manufactures only support updates for less than 1 yr and are free if you get them. Samsung is the worse record. There is the development community that helps to extend the updates for another year or so.. but is depends on the quality of the phones community. HTC has had a good record on this.
  6. BTW Nexus S does not support 4G also alot of things but I don't feel like starting another war with Samsung fanboys as already done that in XDA/AC forums not 1 of them was able to hold their ground. That being said if you do go with TMo then look in to G2 and MT4G.
  7. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    i am no samsung fanboy. I read that the Nexus S does not.. but a few have said it does. I dont know. I am an HTC lover. ;)
  8. I am not saying you were but I did come across those pricks on XDA and AC forum. Which escalated in to full war lol when they started the GPU and SAMOLED BS as always when valid arguments between Hummingbird SoC and 2G-Snapdragon SoC and SGX540 vs AMD Z460 comes. Also yes the true path to superior phone is though HTC :p considering the history of SamSUX... thats another story for another day.
  9. cshanon

    cshanon Newbie

    I just spotted this thread this morning and am in a similar situation. I'm going with Verizon and was comparing the X and HTCI.

    If pressed to purchase today I would probably go with the HTCI. But it may be worth suffering a little longer for a newer phone. I really don't need 4G data speed but might go with the Thunderbolt if they don't charge too much extra for the 4G.

    So as the subject reads buy now or wait a couple of months!
  10. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    for you... i guess wait for the cost of 4G to make a decision.

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