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Need app for business travel expense tracking / reporting

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by hemidroid, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. hemidroid

    hemidroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just got a Moto Droid for business use. If I can't find a workable travel expense app I may have to return it and find something else :eek:

    The biggest problem I'm having in finding what I need is that everything I've tried so far assumes that all expenses will occur in a single currency. Many offer "multiple currencies," but that just means that all expenses are tracked in dollars or euros or pounds, etc. What I need is the ability to enter an expense for a meal purchased in dollars at the airport in Atlanta, and then the next day enter a meal purchased in euros in Paris. I need to be able to have the euro expenses tracked in euros for the same report as expenses tracked in dollars. And I need to be able to record expenses in at least 4 or 5 currencies per report.

    Ideally, the app would allow me to enter an exchange rate for each currency and would automatically convert the various currencies into dollar values for the report. If it would auto-convert at the time of data entry, I could do away with the requirement to have euros and dollars and pounds in the same report.

    Ideally, I also need to be able to export easily to Excel.

    Ideally, I also need to be able to track miles driven.

    Ideally, easy data entry would be nice as well. Surprisingly few apps I've tried have even this basic feature. It's pretty hard to enter expenses on the go if you have to sit down, use both hands, and tap seven times to even get to the data entry field.

    Evidently, I'm asking for a lot, even though my ancient first edition Palm Pilot had exactly what I needed preinstalled years ago. Since this is for business use, I'm willing to pay for the app, even up to $25 or $30 or so if necessary.

    So is there an answer out there? If not, any developers want to take it on? I know several other business travelers who need something like this.


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  2. JimmyHat

    JimmyHat Well-Known Member

    Don't think you're asking for too much. However, if you do find the app my guess would be that it will not be free.
  3. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    Suggestion re expenses: start by googling site:androlib.com expenses currency at the desktop (easier to get to respective dev websites), or expenses currency in the Market with the Droid. Next, check out the offerings, and narrow down to "almost bingo". Finally, send an email to the respective developers. I've done so at least 3 different times this month. Each time, the requested feature was added-- once within same day, another within the week, and the third within 2 weeks.

    In other words, this community of developers, as a general rule, is incredibly responsive, especially if you study the app first and then explain the tweaks you need and why.

    As for mileage: still looking. If I come across a goodie, I'll post here. I'd appreciate it if you'd do the same. Last check was first week of this month. Will return to this specific search over the holiday period.
  4. hemidroid

    hemidroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. I've done the first step (searching and evaluating), but your suggestion to email the developer sounds like excellent advice. I'll do just that.

    So far the closest thing I've found is Funky Expenses - but it doesn't mix currencies together - maybe I'll email that developer. I had also considered Expensify, which enters the data directly from your credit card info. This would achieve automatic currency conversion, but for cash expenses, their description of record entry seems extremely cumbersome, and the credit card entry method seems to rely on live phone access, which does not exist in Europe for the Droid.

    Regarding mileage, I'll suggest this: I've previously been able (on my Treo) to solve the mileage problem by assigning mileages an artificial currency. On my Treo I made up a currency called "miles" and designated as "mi". So when I drove 50 miles, I'd enter a value of 50, in the "miles" currency. Then I could assign the current reimbursement rate as the currency conversion rate to auto-convert miles to dollars. Some of these apps don't allow you to create imaginary currencies, but I think you could just as easily use an available currency you're unlikely to use, so long as you can assign the conversion rate instead of the app insisting on using a rate it looks up. Even in that case, using an obscure currency allows you to separate mileage for easier manual entry on the expnse report as a last resort.
  5. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    Good idea. I'll use it as my go-to backup in the event that a renewed mileage search turns up "bleh". Ahhh, the fun of working with a new platform/device!
  6. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    "Mileage". Free. by Evan Charlton. Great user reviews. I corresponded with him re his GV app; knows his stuff! I was so impressed that I did a PayPal donation. Rumor has it Google snatched him up.
    Evan Charlton :: Mileage :: Screenshots
    Posted screenies are not comprehensive, so you'll have to play with it to see if it's a go.

    VERY customizable. Date formatting, more. Has a Comments field, which allows you to add what the app does not request. Import/export. Seems simple, and quick entry. Statistics/Charts. I'll give it a thorough work-out next week (easy to delete test items-- press and hold for pop-up).
  7. hemidroid

    hemidroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. Mileage looks good if all you want to do is track vehicle mileage and fuel consumption. I'm looking for a travel expense app that includes the ability to handle the miles I drive on business in my personal car, for the purpose of reimbursement at a set rate per mile.
  8. Timmaaay4

    Timmaaay4 Member

    is there a app out there that will do what we are asking for? just need to track the miles that we drive for work with multiple entries per day, also that would allow to input gas fill ups, would be great. but need to be able to export them.
  9. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    I'm not sure if this is helpful for what you seek specifically, but I found that when I had a need for a time sheet application to track my billable hours, I tried a bunch and all found them lacking.

    Then it struck me to make a new Google calendar to track my time. This ended up working out better than I had imagined the time sheet apps would have.

    While a Google calendar may not work for you, my thought was maybe to suggest trying out various apps that may not look like they fit your exact purpose, but make them work for you in a way.

    Anyways, just a thought -- good luck with your search.

  10. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    FYI: recent finds: gba Money Tracker ($); Time Catcher (free). Also testing aCar

    aLostPacket: agreed! Been using a hodge-podge group of apps, with specific gCals as my base. Still trying above apps, but good to know there's a workable backup plan in case one or more fail to meet needs.
  11. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Android Enthusiast

    How about a spreadsheet, with DocsToGo or Google Docs? I file travel expense reports using a spreadsheet anyway, not some custom app that the group secretary does not have, so I might as well put them in that format to begin with. You can use formulas to assign currency and mileage rates.
  12. iPhone2Droid

    iPhone2Droid Well-Known Member

    jeffdb: gba Money Tracker includes export to csv
  13. ChikakoTanja

    ChikakoTanja Lurker

    If necessary, use references from your top web clients. You were engaged in a legitimate business and should be proud of that. Promote yourself.
  14. hemidroid

    hemidroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm currently using the free version of Tap Money. It at least keeps records of expenses in multiple currencies, but doesn't do mileage (though I can use the workaround mentioned upthread). Some of the reports it offers erroneously report all expenses in dollars, but I don't use those reports, so I can get by with it. I'm dithering over whether to pay for the full version to get csv export and see how the app handles the various currencies during export, or to continue to wait for an app that incorporates mileage expenses.
  15. VaDon

    VaDon Guest

    I am also looking for an app like this. Not to track miles per gallon, but to track miles logged for business purposes.

    I used Milebug when using an ipod touch, and it was great. I understand google has approached the developer to move it to the Droid platform.

    The last I heard, it is being considered. Maybe if enough Droid users contact him, he will get it to us.

    Looking forward to learning from others.

  16. VaDon

    VaDon Guest

    Great News!

    Milebug is now available for the Droid. So far it seems to be working great.

    Many thanks to the developers.

  17. johninwaegwan

    johninwaegwan Lurker

    Additionally, if you have a office program that lets you run excel you can just write a workbook with all the necessary formulas and reports. Just a thought.
  18. fugaziman

    fugaziman Lurker

    It sounds like you need some pretty custom functionality. I have heard great things about Milebug.
    If that doesn't work you can also try Canvas - Smart Apps for Smartphones It lets you build custom business apps for your Android device, it isn't as polished as a truly custom app - but the positive side is that you can customize it however you need to and then export data to excel or PDF.

    Good luck,
  19. Hey, I was also looking for such an application a few months back; however, nothing to do with Droids, I wanted it for my iPhone. I came across Concur Connect Program that also supports Androids phones. It helps deliver electronic receipt for business travel expense that can be fed directly into expense reports to ensure information is accurate and to save time and effort throughout the entire expense reporting process. Hope this helps.
  20. lionsshare

    lionsshare Lurker

  21. shaundalwin

    shaundalwin Lurker

    I have used Concur Breeze in the past and it
  22. Expense IT is the best app that I've found for this. You can track expenses, mileage, and time. It even lets you take receipt pictures. You can bill customers or submit expense reports straight from the app....big "Time Saver". It allows me to create different jobs, then to associate them with different clients.

    The amazing thing with this app is how responsive the developer is. Literally, I asked for an enhancement, and within about 4 hours, a new version of the app was posted with the change....AMAZING!

    I'd highly suggest looking into EXPENSE IT.

  23. Ballinger

    Ballinger Lurker

    This suggestion sounds like a typicale sales commercial :)
    Any more objective thoughts about such an android app?
    I'm not pleased with the current solutions I found.
  24. jehammon

    jehammon Newbie

    The original request asked for the ability to tag currencies for each expense. 2 weeks ago, I modified the Expense IT application to include that functionality. As far as I know, Expense IT does everything else that is called out in this post as well.

    Last winter, I created the Expense IT application because I could not find anything in the market that allowed me to track expenses, mileage and time on the Android platform. I too had used the Palm application prior to coming to the Android platform; so, I was disappointed. In hindsight, it has been a blessing because it drove me to create Expense IT.

    For those of you looking for free, the app is only free for 25 days, afterwards there is a one time purchase cost. No hidden cost thereafter. I wanted to say this up front so as to prevent any disappointments.

    At any rate, if you are looking at this post, then I really think it would be worth your time to check out.



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