Need app to monitor battery life


hi i currently have the HTC Tattoo and was wondering if anybody can sugest any good app to monitor my device's battery life and would tell me if i need to charge or not, etc.


I use VizBattery.
It's just a widget (no application behind it) that shows you a battery on your home screen with a percentage value for the charge. It also changes colour and empties as the batter level drops


I use batterylife, does similar to what SirGaz says, but allows you to change what colour each of the 3 battery levels are, and also to define the percentage for each level.


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I use My Battery Status. It isn't a widget because I want to be able to see the battery level without unlocking the phone. It sits in the notification area and shows the percentage. You can opet the app but then it shows the percentage over the entire screen so it's of no use. But the notification icon is very helpful and I use it for that purpose only. :)


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I use a little app called battery widget.

I have several different choices of display... my favorite is "meter".

It give you a tiny gas guage type meter that says percentage and the needle actually moves and is accurate according to the percentage of battery life left.

Colors, diminishing sizes and others I don't like, this gives me a numerical reading that I can glance at anytime I want without having to press a button and look.... seems to be very accurate.



Have you had any problems with BatteryLife? I installed it the day I got my Hero, then tonight I soft reset the phone and BatteryLife and AudioManager widgets died. They remained on the home screen, but would not display any info. I installed then reinstalled, but it didnt help either of them. I was a big fan of BatteryLife and would like to get it working again.