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Need assurance, Rezound cleanRom DE S-On to S-Off

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by weaverinva, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. weaverinva

    weaverinva Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello all,

    I have read many posts and I'm a technical guy (run Server 2008 on my laptop with SQL Server) but the HTC phone flash paths seem so complicated, and I am left scratching my head. Would one of you kind souls help me just a bit with the proper path forward? Feeling secure about things helps quite a bit.

    I waited until the GA of the OTA first ICS update from Verizon. I updated with that and then decided that it was not that great with the bloatware. So I stayed S-on and installed Scotts CleanRom DE 1.4. My basebands are,

    I have Amon Ra recovery installed from when that happened in July.

    So I would like to go S-Off, and then install CM Rage from XDA developers. I hear it is stable, good battery life and fast.

    So is this my path to global radio and the Rage rom? I never updated the hboot (whatever that is).

    1) Relock my rom (still has cleanrom on it)
    2) Apply the RUU of the latest global from verizon.
    3) Do S-Off procedure
    4) Unlock phone?
    5) Reapply Amon Ra
    6) install Rage
    7) install all my apps and reconfigure.

    This is probably not quite right. Your comments and best links for how to accomplish the above would be so very appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for reading this and offering any assistance. Any backup restore comments with My Backup Pro appreciated as well. I probably will start from scratch. Also in this do I need to move any files that I want to save to the removable SD card? Like my Nand backup of my current from!

    I do have a spare small SD card that I can use during S-Off as I see it may corrupt the SD Card.

    Wishing you the best,


    PS Quite the way to spend christmas vacation days! :)

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  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    prior to step 1,id backup all my user apps with titanium or my backup. you can also find apps to back up sms and call logs,if you so desire. id also make a nandroid in recovery,just in case.

    step 2,i would not apply the global ruu yet. im fairly certain the s off process will work fine on it,but i would instead run the ruu for whatever build youre currently on(prolly 3.14.605.12 if youre on the first ICS update) as the process may go a lil smoother on older firmwares. ive done it twice on GB and twice on early ICS.

    you wont need to do step 4 at this point. run the ruu for the global update now.(4.03.605.2)

    at this point there are options. you can unlock the bootloader,or you can install a jpbear hboot. or you can do neither,and install amon recovery as a PH98IMG file in hboot. if you want to be able to use fastbooot flash,and fastboot boot commands,then i would prolly recomend to re-unlock the bootloader(we can now get it back to a locked status easily :))

    so,if i were in youre shoes,my path would be:
    1) backup apps,and any other data. force a google sync. make a nandroid. flash main version low zip,just be safe.
    2) Relock my rom (still has cleanrom on it) (be perpaired for a security warning)
    3) Apply the RUU for 3.14.605.12
    3) Do S-Off procedure(wich will involve re-unlocking,and flashing superuser)
    4) apply ruu for 4.03.605.2
    5) re-unlock or reinstall a jpbear hboot,if you are so inclined(optional)
    6) Reapply Amon Ra(method used will depend on 5)
    7) install Rage
    8) install all my apps and reconfigure.

    hope that helps :)
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  3. weaverinva

    weaverinva Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello Scotty85,

    You are wonderful. Thank you for your response!!! I will research the value of the jpbear hboot. I don't know enough there yet.

    May I ask two opinions please:

    1) If it were you, would you flash the hboot? I need to read on the value.
    2) Do you think my path and goal of running the Rage rom is a reasonable one? I realize an entire discussion could ensue on opinions for roms (lets not do that here)

    I'll search on the flash main version low zip.

    Thank you for your steadfast assistance with so many here on these boards!

    All the best, Mike

    PS: Is it okay to use Hasoon2000's all in one toolkit to work this path?
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    glad to help :) I'm at work ATM,it ill be happy to reply in greater detail and find you some links a lil later this evening
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  5. weaverinva

    weaverinva Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've downloaded Hasoon2000's kits for S-off and for all in one. I also picked up the latest RUU from android police and verified md5sum. Then I got the S-Off ICS rom from here Shipped ROMs

    Called PH98IMG_ICS_3.14.605.12.zip

    There seem to be two 3.14.605.12 roms at the link above that you referenced in another post.

    All the best.
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    i do not bother with the jpbear hboot. i just run stock,unlocked hboot.

    basically the only difference between jpbear and an unlocked stock hboot is the partitions it will let you fastboot flash. stock unlocked is fine for flashing recovery,and possibly boot images,wich,really,is all that most users need.

    you also do not even need to unlock,if you dont want to. you can easily install recovery via hboot as a PH98IMG file,wich you can download from here: PH98IMG-amon-3.15.zip

    it really comes down to how often you will use the fastboot boot and fastboot flash commands in fastboot. if you wish to use them,then you can unlock. if your ok using the PH98IMG files,then dont unlock.

    i for one am a pretty firm advocate in NOT messing with bootloaders or radios if you dont have to. while flashing the jpbear hboot can be done completely safely,any time you flash a new bootloader it is possible a bad flash or corrupt download could leave you with an expensive paperweight if you are not cautious :eek:

    sounds reasonable to me :)

    you can fid it here: main version tool

    youre welcome :smokingsomb:

    no. at least not for s off. this is from the front page of Unlimited.IO :
    if you use a tool,be aware that they will not help you in IRC if you have prollems. if you lie,and they find out,youll likely be banned from that channel.

    again,dont use the s off tool. you could use the tool to relock i guess,but the otehr steps are easy enuff IMO the tool is not needed.

    IMO,its good for folks that want to ahve rooted phones to have some basic knowledge of how things work,and how to manipulate the device in a cmd window. my guides are intended to "teach you how to fish" so to speak,and not just blindly run a tool and arrive at an end result,having no idea what it did.

    if you do use the all in one tool,youll likely be left with hansoons thread for support,as i have not used the tool and may not be of much help with any issues you run into with it.

    there are 2 files,one is a .zip file that you will need to flash in hboot,and one that is a utility,that you run as admin on your pc,following the onscreen driections. the utility will update all partitions,and then reboot the phone.

    the one you downloaded is the .zip file,so youll need to flash in hboot by renaming PH98IMG(or as an ruu from fastboot,but i dont want to confuse you with a bunch of directions)

    if yu want to run the .exe,the one right above it is that download( Shipped ROMs )

    hope that answered your questions :)
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  7. weaverinva

    weaverinva Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you so much. I used direct adb commands and got through the process on the first shot. I used a USB stick with Ubuntu since I have a 64 bit laptop with windows. Then according to you guidance, I used the direct website S-Off procedure. Wire trick took the first time through.

    I have the AOSP Rage rom on and all is working. I may fiddle with a few roms while on vacation before I settle on a driver. If you have any comments on what you run, I would appreciate.

    The performance of Quadrant on Rage was 7934 and on my former CleanRom 1.4 DE, it was 6740. The phone is nice and zippy!

    Except my Volume+ does not work now. :( I have to figure out what is going on there.

    Also I don't quite understand how the drive mounts are working for emmc and sdcard. They seem reversed. Any comments appreciated.

    All the best, Mike
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  8. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    awsome! glad it went smoothly for you :cool:

    not sure what could have happened to the vol rocker,and the mount locations are typical of AOSP. your internal storage was sdcard prior,and now is known as emmc. your external sd card was sdcard2,aND now is sdcard. so if im understanding correctly,they prolly arent really reversed,just the name changed,and sdcard now= actual sd card and not internal storage.

    one bit i cant believe i forgot to have you do... when i fix these phones up for my friends,after s off and runing the 4.03.605.2 ruu,i always clear storage in hboot. bouncing around in firwares seems to confuse something in the phone,wich running "clear storage" with the stock recovery fixes. my apologies :eek: i should have had you do that prior to installing your custom recovery.

    if everything is ok,i wouldnt worry about it to much. but if you start experience flakey,unstable data the fix will be to reinstall the stock recovery and perform "clear storage" from hboot. :)

    as far as roms... i prefer to run CM roms,but rezound does not have a cm9,cm10 or any AOSP rom with working BT,so i cant use them :mad: every other phone i own has pretty functional JB,so that helps me deal with it. i have to use the rezound at work,but when i leave the house in the evenings i typically take my one x,or my sensation,wich have working cm 10 :D

    the rezound just runs a simple,custom "desensed" stock 4.03.605.2,so i unfortunately dont have much input on whats out and whats good.
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  9. weaverinva

    weaverinva Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes it continues to go well.

    Decided that vinylfreak89's Hboot 2.27 was safe and so I flashed that.

    Oh, so that's it....no working BT on AOSP. Hope that get's fixed sometime soon. Good to know because I like to use that with my radio sometimes. I agree on CM. I have CM10 on my Xoom, soon on my wife's nook, and CM 7 on an Incredible 2 for my 11 year old (great performance), and CM 7 on a droid as a music player. I just upgraded from Sept CM7 nightly to a few days ago here in December and the OG Droid performance got noticably better--it remains usable as a music player.

    I've been trying the RAGE CM and Neo AOKP roms and have seen a 20% performance increase in them from my CleanROM 1.4 DE from Scott. Nice and snappy. The performance may keep me on them.

    Do you have any comment on Amon Ra versus TWRP? Seems TWRP has much more function but Neo recommends Amon Ra for flashing.

    Thank you for the comment on clearing it.

    I'll have to look into more recent desensed roms to see how they are. Did you roll your own or use one that I could get via download?

    Thank you for you efforts here. Mike
  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    i prefer amon ra when its available. i used it first on the eris,and drellisde has done a most excellent job porting it to other devices,i feel very safe with it.

    having said that twrp is a nice recovery. on any particluar device ill use whats availble in this order:
    2)ext 4

    most of the desensed roms dont have a working my verizon,so i just carefully delete things in stages until ive elminated as much as i can while keeping funtionality. its bout time for another round,but im gettin close to the bottom of the barrel,lol... need to do a nandroid before i freeze anything else in case i break somethin ;)
  11. weaverinva

    weaverinva Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Very good.

    I don't like the Verizon bloat at all and don't mind going to the web site for the My Verizon. Scotts CleanROM was very stable but its data connection would go dormant without warning too often.

    I have come up with one problem. Since flashing vinylfreak89's hboot, now I have an error in Amon Ra that it cannot mount or clear /cache. Hmmmm. I may just put the RUU for 4.xxx.xxx.xx back on and get a factory hboot again. I had no problem with that but like the idea of using flashboot to flash most things.

    Thank you for your guide back in April 2012 regarding how to flash.

    I tried to flashboot erase cache, and it still does not clear it up.

    Update: now it is okay. Crazy. Looks like I needed to flash Amon Ra after the hboot flash, and then also do a hard battery pull and reboot. Yippee. I am happy. Now to trying ROMs....

    Thank you again.

    I'm goint to try SlimKang, SKVexHex, -=X=-, ....

    All the best, Mike
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  12. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    awsome. :smokingsomb: just holler if you have further questions :)
  13. weaverinva

    weaverinva Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Life has been good trying ROMs over the last month. I put the 4.3.605.2 RUU on so I have the latest 8xx radios and then tried several AOSP but then back to CleanROM because of stability and BT. However, I put snuzzo's kernel on and got 25% more speed. Some laggy hiccups and wifi anomolies which may be due to the much newer global radio and the older rom.

    Well, I have a problem. Any AOSP or even Snuzzo's nice viral OTA 2.1/2.2/2.3 newly flashed all work fine but I need to go back to my nand of CR DE to get a good back up of all my apps/data. But the sdcard2 on my CleanRom backup will not show the true sdcard. Sdcard, sdcard2, and sdcard/exd_sd all show the same internal storage.

    Any comments on how to fix my mount points for CleanROM?

    Thank you for anything in advance.

    PS Think I will either go with Viral Vigor 2.3, Ecliptic, One XxX or Infabillus(sp?) They seem solid. Viral Vigor 2.3 with Snuzzo 1.8G kernel gets me 9000 on Antutu--solid as a rock.
  14. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    im not exactly sure what prollem you are having... the mount points should be the same when in recovery,making your backup accessible :)

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