Root Need boot.img, Recovery.img, System,img, etc.

If anybody here that has a at&t HTC One VX could back up their phone it would be appreciated. There really ain't much on this phone through google or anything else. I kind of ruined my phone and i need a backup r something to restore it to stock. Even if i can have instructions on how to back up a phone, and restore it on mine as i have a friend with the exact same phone.

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Looks like things are just getting started here in the HTC One VX area.

I've moved your thread over to the all-things-root sub-forum for this device (although that sub-forum is currently missing it's "all-things-root" suffix -- I've asked our Admin folks to fix that, by the way).

Anyway, hopefully someone will be able to help you out with the images you need.



it would of been great if anyone could of helped with this!!! i woudl liek the stockimg and everythign htc one vx keeps rebooting by itself.......
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