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Need Cricket Flash Help n few Questions Plzzz.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by htownjoz, May 26, 2010.

  1. htownjoz

    htownjoz Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok recently i tool my eris to my local cricket dealer to get my phone fully flashed. After waiting a few days he was able to get Talk n Txt, but not MMs or Internet on the phone looking through my SD card i see he used the 2.1OTA Root method. Im tired of taking the phone back and forth to him delay after delay i guess i jus wanna try it myself wit a lil guidance of course.

    Ive read through the http://androidforums.com/all-things-root-eris/57704-eris-all-things-root-thread-apps-roms-updated-05-06-2010-a.html
    Many times now and tried following the instructions to get MMS and internet to work but i always seem to get stuck as i get started.

    Current info i got on my phone.
    Firmware Version - 2.1
    Baseband Version
    Kernel Version 2.6.29-5898f66b
    htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
    Build Number- 2.19.605.1 CL 123435 test-keys
    Software Number- 2.19.605.1
    Browser Version- Webkit 3.1
    PRI version 2.11_002
    PRL Version- 01014
    ERI Version- 5

    Phone already rooted, got Auto start on my phone, got u2nl.zip downloaded.

    If i could get any step by step help i would really appreciate it

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  2. pkopalek

    pkopalek Android Expert

    Don't worry about all of those details.

    Just flash whatever ROM you want on your phone to begin with.

    I suggest Ivan's Eris_Official ROM.

    Eris_Official 1.0 Alpha With Controllable Overclocking! [5/9/2010] - xda-developers

    THEN, use my Cricket thread. All you need is to flash the eris mms and web .zip file.

    So, your phone is rooted. Hopefully Recovery is installed. If not, go to the first page of the All Things Root forum, and follow step II or III (whichever one involves installing Recovery. it's necessary.)

    Download Ivan's Eris_Official I posted a link to above, as well as the Cricket mmsandweb .zip file I posted in my Cricket thread: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Put both of those .zip files onto your SD card (not in any particular folder, just drag them right onto the SD card. If you need help with that, reply asking for help).

    Boot into Recovery (turn off your phone, then use Volume UP + Power to turn it on). Do a Backup > nand backup (will back up your current phone configuration).

    Then use VOL DOWN to go the previous menu, go to Wipe > Factory/Data Reset, then Wipe Dalvik Cache.

    Then press VOL DOWN again to go to the previous menu, go to Flash Zip from SD Card, and flash Ivan's Eris_Official .zip file that is on your SD card. Then when that's done, once again, go Flash Zip from SD Card, and flash the cricketmmsweb .zip file that I posted a link to above (it will overwrite the right files, including that u2nl that you have, where they're supposed to go, AND it wil get your pix msgs working).

    Then once it's done flashing, reboot phone. If all the PST settings are in there (aka when you open the dialer and do ##778, if all the settings are correct), then your phone is now FULLY 100% on Cricket.

    Reply with any troubles, or see my thread:
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  3. dl7481

    dl7481 Lurker

    So put the rom in bin then flash?
  4. Realm

    Realm Newbie

    I'm having problems trying to get the info from cricket as their phone support isn't live

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