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Need EXPERT advice on Samsung Galaxy S (sch i500)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by blue_angel, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. blue_angel

    blue_angel Member
    Thread Starter

    Bought the phone last week. NO DATA CONNECTIVITY :(
    unable to axcess internet unless using wifi. Us cellular says data is enabled yet I get moble network disconnected and Ive tried everything to attempt fixing it. Its a CDMA phone so no apn settings visiable.

    Also, my mobile hotspot turns on, shows when another device is connected.......however connected device cant axcess web while connected to samsungs hotspot. Im begging......if anyone at all has any expertise in this cell phone, please assist me with these issues. You can pm me or post here (I posted here due to not knowing right forum....phone says Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize, yet when typed in other phones browser to find solutions I get Fasanite or whatever....are they totally dif phones or the same? Btw.....phone bought off craigslist from 3rd party individule. Activated that afternoon while in Hot Springs visiting Aunt (if any this info helps aid in phone being fixed)

    Thank you all so much....I just despise cellular issues....I already own zte z990g thats basically worthless & unusable (owned it since Feb bought brand new and since day one cant axcess all features Im paying for still :( I need THIS phone (galaxy s) to work properly as its needed for many reasons, first & formost for connection to disabled & chronically ill sons doctors and surgeons out of state)

    Again, thank you in advance for any and all help on this matter at hand. Its greatly appreciated.

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  2. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    Moved to the Galaxy Mesmerize forum.

    The reason why you're getting fascinate in your search results is because Verizon carried the same model phone (i500) on their network. CDMA phones are tricky. It can be any number of things such as your PRL not being right, or the software was changed by the previous owner. I would highly recommend taking it to your local US Cellular store and asking them to reflash the their software to see if that corrects the issue.
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  3. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Android Expert

    My suggestion, since you're buying this phone for your son, is see if you can find a Galaxy S2 for the US Cellular network.

    The Mesmerize is so chock full of bugs, crappy OS issues, and a very outdated version of Android, that it is really not worth trying to buff shine that pig.

    The S2 is still a very solid and capable phone, and is much more stable. Can be had for a cheap price too, since the S3 and S4 are available now.
  4. blue_angel

    blue_angel Member
    Thread Starter

    I dont think you understood what I ment by sayimg Im buying it for my son. Hes only 9 but has a severe medical disorder and we travel alot for surgeries doctor visits etc. Im unsure what to do. Us cellular says no help is availiable since i dont have proof where the gentleman sold it to me 3rd party (no, he didnt write a reciept)

    So what does one do?? How do i find our if its even stolen (wouldnt that stop my activation if it was) i dont know....please help direct me futher in the right direction
  5. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Android Expert

    I understand exactly what you mean.

    I'm saying that the phone you purchased isn't worth the trouble. Get a different phone.
  6. blue_angel

    blue_angel Member
    Thread Starter

    Really cant afford to buy a new one, however I was gifted some type of a samsung AT&T world phone the other day from an Aunt.
    Place my Sim in from my net10 ZTE Z990G which runs off AT&T towers. I can call and text, but my mms, internet, and gps doesnt work due to fault on my part and not understanding how to configure the apn to receive & utilize all features currently paid for.

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