Root Need factory image for 8713 error, please?


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An elderly friend wanted to install an ad-block app that provides entries to the "hosts" file to eliminate the ads, but root was required to do so.

We successfully installed the "framaroot" according to [ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click apk to root some devices - XDA Forums and then the ad-block app.

Later, he was notified of an system "update" that bricked the phone with an "8713 error".

We tried the factory reset as described in How-to: Kyocera Torque: Perform a Factory Reset and other forums without success.

I have the idea that if we could find a factory image for the Kyocera Torque that it would be possible to use the fastboot/adb tools from the Android developer kit to flash a fresh image to the phone.

Will somebody please indicate where to find the factory image?

Thank you very much.