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Need FPS demo tested on other phones

Discussion in 'Alpha & Beta Testing' started by Kalisme, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Kalisme

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    Oct 12, 2011
    Arts student
    I've been putting together a simple first person shooter game to learn android programming and everything has been coming along slowly, but yesterday when I tried the app on bluestacks I noticed the level wouldn't render (though the monsters and other objects do)... The same thing happens when I tried the emulator... I'm hoping this is just because my notebook hasn't got the hardware to emulate alot of android VBOs, so I'm hoping some people wouldn't mind checking it on their phones for me...

    The *.apk can be found here:

    To install, just copy it onto your SD card then you can use any android file manager (such as "IO file manager" or "ES file explorer") to install it onto your android device.

    The controls are quite simple: moving your thumb on the left side of the screen to move around and the right side is to free-look... tap the red cross on the screen to shoot (or hold it down).

    I'd say to run it you should use Android OS 2.3+, though it should also work (slowly) on OS 2.2+.

    If you decide to test it out, I'd be really thankful if you could tell me:
    -if it loads without crashing.
    -if the level is visable or do the monsters just float around...
    -if the controls work.
    -If anything weird happens...
    -What phone/tablet you're using and what version of android?


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