Oct 17, 2015
Hello, yesterday my wife's phone started displaying app screens, changing every second or so. It seemed like it was displaying all open apps. She had to force it to restart by holding down the power key. That worked but it has done it again several times. Anybody know what could be causing this?
She can't remember any recent apps, but that could be the problem. It's not ads though, it's like screen shots of the apps active on her phone. A shot of her home screen, one of a settings screen she had open, there or four others. They weren't just pictures, they were showing the correct current information.
Is it possible to take a screen capture on the phone itself so you can post it here. That might help clarify just what the problem is.
Of course the phone sounds like it might be too messed up to do this. If that is the case, could you take a clear, close up picture of her screen using your phone, or any camera really, and post that instead?
It sounds like the recent apps overview has somehow been activated and started scrolling through (though I can't remember precisely what the Android 9 version of that looked like). I hope this is just a software issue and not a hardware glitch - if these phones still had buttons for this type of thing I'd consider the possibility that one had got stuck.
I have never seen exactly what the video shows, but something less intense and similar.

It was actually just a really dirty screen, causing the device to believe the screen was being touched.

A screwy screen protector could have the same effect.

Also, check to see if the device has any settings for the screen sensitivity.
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Hello there,
This maybe because someone hacked the phone. Try resetting it by restarting the phone into recovery mode and then reset it. This should resolve the problem. Make sure first you save all your data by backing it up.

The best bet would be to put the device into safe mode, and see if the problem persists.

This would let the user know if it is an app that was downloaded or an internal app issue.

Also, the odds of a 'hacked' device are basically non-existant unless someone else has had physical access to the device itself.
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She deleted a few apps and also deleted a new WIFI connection (I doubt if that had anything to do with it) and hasn't seen the problem since. Thanks to all who responded.