Help Need Help cant restart


Hey guys i just bought a g1 off of ebay and when i try to do a hard restart by holding the home and power button a screen comes up that has a rainbow of colors and has this on the screen.

Drea100 pvt 32b

Sep 2 2008

The phone works when i stick my sim in it and i can make calls and every thing i just cant restart it to use my google account..

Carl C

Extreme Android User
Can you boot up the phone and get into the Settings ? If so then you can go to:

Settings -> SD card & phone storage -> Factory data reset -> Confirm

If you can't boot into android , heres how it should work I beleive:

  1. 1} Power off the G1
  2. 2} Hold Home Key + End key for 20 seconds or until you see a "triangle with an exclamation point and a picture of the G1"
  3. 3} Open the QWERTY keyboard and hit Alt+W
  4. 4} Restored!

Carl C

Extreme Android User
so you are trying to change the Google accounts on your phone? you can do that without a factory reset:

Why not go to settings : Applications -> Manage applications -> Scroll to "Google apps" -> Select and clear data -> Now go to the Android Market -> It will prompt you to log in -> Log in with the new account :)

Carl C

Extreme Android User
Awsome just did it you are the man thanks alot bro.....

No problem