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General Need help deciding!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NpgGirl, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. NpgGirl

    NpgGirl Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 29, 2009
    Higher Education
    Denver CO
    I have moved to Android from Apple before, and was always dissatisfied. Maybe those of you that are experts with Androids can help as I would really like to give Android another chance (totally attracted to the Note 3 and so sick of the iPhone and lack of innovation from Apple).
    I have always had issues with Androids after about a month of owning them. Issues where they were not pulling email properly (refresh issues, sometimes it would let me know there were new emails, other times it would not), Wifi connectivity issues, freezing and choking issues (phone would just freeze and I would have to reboot, a lot!)... The last Droid I owned was the Samsung Galaxy SIII, and yeah, same user experience with that one. I am a phone junkie, so it is not that I don't know what I am doing, however, I am not as familiar with the Droids as I am with Apple's product. Yet again, the Note 3 has really piqued my interest, especially with the latest flop of an announcement from Apple.
    Is there something I can do to stop the issues?
    Are the Notes really good phones?
    Is there a way to fix email issues, freezing issues? Some sort of virus blocker?
    Also, I had horrible battery life, and heard a billion different things in regards to downloading task killers, not downloading task killers and so forth.
    Can anyone help? :)

    Thank you!


  2. Scootmien

    Scootmien Well-Known Member

    Apr 14, 2012
    South UK
    Like you, I am an Apple user, having an iPad and an iPhone 5 as well as two Android phones, an HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy S2.

    I had an S3 for a while but got rid of it as it was just awful. Shocking battery life, force closing apps and so on. I won't go into details. My S2 however hasn't missed a beat even if it is old and battered and due for retirement shortly. My HTC is amazing. Simply the best phone I have ever had the privilege of owning. Better than my iPhone 5 by a country mile. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone but the HTC One is better for all the things I want to do, on a screen that puts the iPhone to shame.

    So, basically i've had a mixed relationship with the Galaxy range over the years and so I am coming to the Note 3 with similar misgivings as your good self.

    However, what I usually do is research a subject exhaustively before I go ahead and part with my hard earned, much like you are doing.

    With regards to battery life. On my HTC I have everything turned on, GPS, location services, push mails and the like. My battery is incredible. So far it is coming up to the end of the second day of life still with 58% left. My iPhone just cannot keep up with that and neither can my SGS2.

    I don't use any task killers at all. I did on my SGS2 and found that they didn't help the battery life at all. in fact they did the opposite. Maybe once upon a time you did need to use them but with the advances in battery tech over the last year, I really don't think you do anymore.

    My advice to you is this: Don't buy a Note 3 on day one. Wait and see what people say about it first. However, please bear in mind that more often than not people only seek out a web forum to post up if they are having issues with their device, not when everything is going swimmingly, so take a lot of those posts with a small amount of salt. The best thing you can do is to see if there are any trends, read the professional reviews and comparisons and just ease into it gently.

    My SGS3 was a 'day one' lemon of a phone and I couldn't get shot if it quick enough. My HTC was a day one phone too and it's not dropped a single beat in the months since i've had it.

    I've been umming and aahing over the Note 3 but i've just had a windfall of
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  3. I live / work in a multi-platform environment. As an enthusiast & mobile computing & communications technologist, I make every effort to be platform neutral. True confessions reveal I'm a laptop addict (requiring all the computing power possible) with smartphones being a very close second. I've had every iPhone to date, but find the new 5S uninspiring, too small, and as usual extremely overrated.

    Reading about and observing my counterparts Android experiences being similar to yours, I've held out until Android ver 4.x.x arrived.

    I'm very happy to report my Galaxy S4 is simply stellar. Battery life is amazing (16 hrs of intensive use) I've been so impressed that within days I promptly purchased a fun, fast and incredibly capable 32GB Nexus 7.2 that blows away my iPad mini.

    Fueled by these two, and being a highly mobile power user that uses it extensively, I've pre-ordered an AT&T Note 3. Without hesitation, I have no doubt the N3 will meet my every need with it's larger display being very welcome.

    At this juncture I've already promoted my S4 to my primary smartphone, and will move it onto my secondary line once my Note 3 arrives. My iPhone 5 has been relegated to offline & placed with Gazelle. I thought I'd miss it, but it hasn't even come to mind.

    The sheer joy and increased productivity I'm enjoying with Android is wonderful.

    I've done my part and studied it, the reward is exemplary.
  4. This is extremely good advice. It's the same approach I usually take. However I'll be the first to admit I let my enthusiasm get the best of me.

    As a result I do realize I'm gambling by pre-ordering a day one Note 3. Yet that said, I'm fortunate to have a very good SGS 4, which I will fall back on in the event my Note 3 is bug ridden, has major annoyances, or otherwise fails to fill my needs. I'm that way about my laptops too, always having a new "spare" on hand. Redundant as it is, the peace of mind is worth it :D
  5. NpgGirl

    NpgGirl Active Member
    Thread Starter

    Sep 29, 2009
    Higher Education
    Denver CO
    Wow! I am so glad to hear that there are others out there that struggle, or have struggled with the same issues that I have.

    I cannot thank you BOTH enough as the advice, and reviews you have both provided have been extremely helpful and has at least given me hope! :)

    As I have time (at work at the moment), I will come back and respond to both of you individually.

    Again, thank you!
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