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need help - defy vs nexus one vs galaxy ace

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ramprasad2011, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. ramprasad2011

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    Aug 8, 2011

    Aug 8, 2011
    Im new to this forum.. I am planning on buying an android phone in india but im having a tough time deciding between the following 3 phones.
    1)Nexus One
    2)Motorola defy
    3)samsung galaxy ace

    All three have their advantages/disadvantages.Some of my thoughts on these are..
    Nexus one
    The best phone among the three.The specs seem to be the best.Not officially sold in india but there are places where you can get it for around 14k (INR) . I enquired with htc service centers in bangalore and they do seem to have support for this phone. Although this phone is a pretty old phone and google can stop support for this phone any time soon . Also there is no warranty support in india , just paid support
    Motorola Defy
    Has a great screen..3.7 inch.. good resolution..800mhz processor is decent ( although i wanted to get a 1ghz one which the nexus has ) . It seems to be very slow on getting updates . just recently got a 2.2 update, so im not sure when an official 2.3 update will come.
    Samsung galaxy ace
    does not have a great screen(3.5 inch). but has a decent processor (800 mhz) . It seems like a 2.3 update for this phone is out..

    Im really inclined towards the nexus one..cause for its price(pretty much same price as defy and ace) it seems to have the best specs and the best support(2.3 android).The only problem is the warranty and service support and the fact that its a pretty old phone(jan 2010 release).
    Defy is great too ..great screen..slow on updates though..and no 1ghz :(
    Ace seems to be better of in terms of updates ( its only plus point)..processor is the same as defy..screen size not as good as defy..

    Im mainly focusing on a phone with a good processor(1ghz) and a good screen size(3.5 inch atleast) and also good future android support..
    Please do share your thoughts..I would really appreciate it..


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