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Need help finding chat app.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by l3lacker, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. l3lacker

    l3lacker Lurker
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    Ok. So for the last week me and a couple others have been looking for a group chat app. By this i mean an app that will allow us to create a group that will stay open whether we are logged in or not and also one that does not require members to be invited, rather one that can be named and then have people search for it. We are not looking for an IM like MSN that allows you to temporarily add your friends to a group chat but instead acts more like a private chat room?

    Theres an app that we are using just now called Cnected but its really really basic, just that bit too basic, cant even see who is involved in the chat.

    Basically an app like this but with a list of people in the chat and a pm option. Preferably one that logs the chat even if your not signed in would be good but not essential.

    Also needs to be free. Ive looked at jabber clients and IRC but the group of people are not computer savvy enough to set them up correctly.

    I just cant believe that out of all the chat apps there are out there, even the big ones like msn yahoo and AIM, not a single one allows you to create a perminant group thats always open and can be searched for.

    Please help. There must be something out there that isnt irc or jabber.

  2. bu3askoor

    bu3askoor Lurker

    try palringo ... it allows you to create groups and decided if u want it to be private or public.

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