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Need Help-Galaxy S3 i747 at&t model LCD/Digitizer/face plate not available in INDIA

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by prakashjam24x7, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. prakashjam24x7

    Thread Starter

    Hi GUys,

    I need serious help from you guys.
    I have a S3 (i747 model at&t) this i got it from USA and now i am in india for good.

    Yesterday my S3 Digitizer broke (but the housing/faceplate is perfect).

    I took it to samsung service center in INDIA chennai. they told that they do not replace just the LCD/Digitizer but they replace the hole set as it is (ie, LCD/digitizer already fitted to a faceplate). and the cost of it all is 7100rs (apprx 135USD).

    But the problem began now. You see the motherboard layout for i747 and i9300 models are different (ie faceplate/housing of i747 and i9300 are different) they are not INTERCOMPATIBLE.

    And in india they dont have faceplate/housing for i747 model as its only available in USA.

    can anyone tell me where can i replace the screen of my i747 S3 in india?

    Or is there anywhere from where i can ship out the product to india.

    PS: i know people would point out to videos in where to remove the LCD/digitiser out of the faceplate buy using heat guns... well i dont want to do it.

    I want the Faceplate/LCD-Digitiser for WHITE i747 model S3 and i am in INDIA (also will i get it in the same cost approx 130 usd).

    Your help will be immensely appreciated.

    A Question to Samsung: I have a i747 and I carry a International warranty and I am out of USA for next 3 years and I break my Screen? Will they not help me out or repair my S3? What is the use of having International warranty then in first place?

    Awaiting your reply,
    Senthilprakash Selvaraj

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  2. JeriS

    JeriS Newbie

  3. prasad747

    prasad747 Lurker

    dear Prakash, Even I have the same issue, did u buy that?? wher did u buy, pls help me out. thank you. m a i l m e ramkoppu at g m a i l

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