But won't converting them to MP3 lead to a loss of quality? The AACs used to be MP3s but I converted them bc that's what I thought i was supposed to do to get them to be accessible through iTunes. So them going back to MP3 is gonna make them sound horrible.

As for YT Music, I can't, I just can't. Tried them when Google Play went away and they were somehow worse than GP.

If they started off as mp3, then that is the wuality you have now- regardless of format.

You don't gain quality just by using a less lossy format.

However, you can noticibly lose quality when going to a more lossy format.

How many songs do you have?

Seriously, if you have to change the format of each one, you may as well just download fresh copies of each anyway- directly to the phone.


This app works and it is legal to do this for personal use.

A bonus is being able to watch Youtube without ads.
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