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Need help-Having to reset phone to factory default by carrier to replace phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Joe52, Apr 12, 2017.

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    I had several recent problems with a 4 month old LG G5 phone, and Verizon support is insisting that I do a factory default reset then use their backup/recovery utility to try to repair the phone and if that doesn't correct the issues then to replace the phone without cost to me. My concern is the amount of time that it will take to get the phone back to where all apps that require a user id and password and all user interfaces back to the same state like they are now; and being able to run a diagnosis/conflict check on each app. I have an issue with support that decides to do a factory default reset to see if it will repair the phone and then reinstall all apps back without checking which apps, if any, may cause the same problems to reoccur, which requires another factory default reset and restore and the time to it takes to get the phone's apps back to the same state they were before the reset.

    I've spent the last few days looking for 2 utilities, one for a diagnosis/conflict check where I can check each app or where I can run the phone in safe mode and selectively deactivate/reactivate each app that the normal safe mode would normally would disable; and the second utility that would restore all apps' user id/password and user interface to their last used state from a file I've save on my desktop. Right now I've got the impression that if my carrier's support were a new car dealership that they diagnose and troubleshoot using the parts swapping method, and would be impacted by lemon laws. My LG G5 is less than a half year old, prior to this I had a Samsung S3 Nexus, had just moved into a rural area with my data cutting out intermittently. At that time I had the option to upgrade the phone and lose the original unlimited data plan that Verizon offered that I was grandfathered into. When I got the S3 Nexus, it had just came out, had no bad reviews and I had spent several days with going over reviews and also with support about expected problems, at that time, none. Since then the S3 seems to have developed a reputation of having issues with its antenna similar to the iPhone, and Samsung had locked out its service menu. When the S3 had to be replaced I had about a day to go over reviews and with support, with the G5 having no issues.

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    If I were you, I'd use the LG Backup feature if your phone has it. You can still go through their process, but I've found that the LG process does keep all your logons. I've found it very easy to restore.

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