Need help on choosing a recovery image rooted but need a recovery to download roms & kernels

Witch is best for the galaxy s2 Boost


Android Expert
I think that is a matter of preference. There are several good ROM's to choose from. I ran on rooted stock quite a while and enjoyed it, and only recently jumped to rooted stock FK23 which is jelly bean. As far as recovery goes, read and follow the instructions for the ROM you intend to install. Many have you use a gingerbread kernel like EL29 with CWM for flashing purposes to avoid bricking your phone due to the eMMC bug. Not all phones have this issue, but it is good practice to follow. If you want to go to a JB ROM, I suggest FK23 or FL04. This phone is the same phone as Sprint's Epic 4G Touch. The phones even have the same model number (the Boost one just had BST added on the end), and so any ROM for that phone will run on ours.