Need Help (Possible Virus?)

I have a LG G3 that has recently been having problems. The screen and phone will work fine, then will turn black, and will not want to turn back on. The audio that I play will still continue to play, so the phone doesn't shut down.

I can get the screen back on after waiting a few minutes (trying to do so immediately--either with the power button or by double tapping the screen does nothing)

After it is back on, the process repeats after a minute or so. The screen will work, then turn black, then I have to wait a few minutes to be able to get it back on.

This all started today. It hasn't done this before.

A few minutes ago, I rebooted the phone, and the screen didn't turn off after several minutes. This was longer than it had been before, so I thought that fixed it. Suddenly, the screen started flickering repeatedly, then the screen went black again.

I shut the phone off.

Could this be a virus? It only began happening today. If it is, should I download one of those virus removal apps (if those work)?

I need answers on how to fix it. I dont have money to take it to a shop or anything.


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Hi and Welcome to Android Forums,@GraceRiley99

No virus,Just an issue.
Both my old G2 & G4 had the same issue.
Do a factory reset,But be sure to backup all your data and files(Audio,Videos...).

EDIT:So far hasn't done it on my LG Stylo 2.


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How can we factory reset? I remember there was a place in settings for that, but the screen isn't going to stay on long enough for me to get to it.


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  • Press and hold Power and Volume Down on the back of your G3
  • Wait for the LG logo
  • Keep holding the Volume Down button and release then re-press the Power button
  • You should now see the Factory Data Reset screen
  • Use Volume Down to navigate to Yes
  • Press Power to confirm
  • You should now see the Erase All User Data and Restore Default Settings screen
  • Navigate to Yes with the Volume Down button
  • Press Power to confirm