Need help really quick!

Sorry for the new thread. Tried search.

I'm trying to do this..

"4. Once booted into recovery, wipe both data and dalvik (this is explained in the FAQ Section above if you don't know how to wipe). If you are coming from another ROM and were using apps2sd you MUST wipe EXT as well."

Did the first part. Second party is giving me this.

"Error: run deldalv via console!"

Any ideas? Can I skip that? It says not too.

Just rooted finally instead of installing the 2.1 update. Everything ok up until trying to install fresh 2.0.


Jareth Cutestory

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My first wipe said the same thing. You should be fine.

This was the case. I flashed the rom and everything worked out fine. Running fresh 2.0 now and liking it.

Figured I'll dive into custom lock screens and other customization another time. It's alot to take it at once if you don't know all the lingo just yet.

Thanks for the help!