Need Help Recovering Text Messages

Brady Plum

I need to recover text messages from last September(2016) for a law suit dealing with a car accident. I have already got the list from AT&T of the timestamp of sent/received messages but AT&T does not keep the details of what was said with each message. I'm wondering if there is a way to recover the messages that were sent that far back as they were automatically deleted after 1000 texts. I sent a text message at roughly the same time as the accident based on timestamps, but it would greatly help the case if I can prove that the sent text was about me just being involved in an accident like im pretty sure it was. If there is any way to do this, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance.


Moderati ergo sum
Unfortunately, there is no archive of deleted messages. The only possibility is that whoever you sent the message to hasn't deleted it yet or backs up their messages.

Xavier Black

Android Expert
Actually there's a way..the other day I was inside my T-Mobile online from my phone(don't know who your service provider is)..and inside on some settings..there's is some bank on it..that regardless if you deleted those messages or not they are definitely in there..not by contact name, though..just by phone number and they have a date and time stamp..I hope it works for you..

Let me know.