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Need help removing "hidden" facebook contact

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by noahj1102, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. noahj1102

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    So i have my facebook contacts in sync with my contacts on my phone and i'm ok with that.

    However, i recently started using Androidify (an app to create funny profile pics for your contacts) and i've made some new profile pictures for my contacts. I've replaced several and they work fine. I just edited the pictures in the contacts and the new avatars appear on phone calls and text messages.

    But, i have 1 contact that i can't replace for some reason. I made a new android avatar for this contact and edited the contact and put the new avatar in there. When i look at this persons contact info, it shows the new avatar. However, whenever this person calls me, i get the facebook picture. But if they text me, i get the androidify avatar.

    If i pull up my contacts under people, i see 2 contacts for this person with the 2 different pictures. But if i use the menu button under contacts to delete the one i don't want, it's not there. The only one i see is the one with the androidify pic. I've also unlinked this facebook profile but it still shows up on calls.

    Can anyone see what i'm talking about and help me?

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