Need help setting up a task


Hi there I was reading that to help fix the stuttering with BT music, turning wifi off and increasing CPU speed fixes it. I just purchased tasker to set this up but I really don't know what I'm doing, I was hoping someone could help me in setting this up.

The reddit thread is here:

The code provided by someone is complete Greek to me and appears to be from an older version? I was hoping this would be easy to use lol I appear to have stumbled into hard mode.

Edit: also if possible it would be nice to specify I only want this to occur with my BT device in my truck... Double hard mode.

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Welcome to Android Forums.

I am not root-ed so I can not help you with this. Perhaps someone else will step in.

What device are you using and what version of Android? It is already root-ed ... correct?

... Thom