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Need help/support convincing myself to buy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CoreyV, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. CoreyV

    CoreyV Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm thinking about getting a Note2, but need some support/confirmation that I'm doing the right thing. My story/details are a little rambling...

    Currently on an S2, 2.3.4 (AT&T) unrooted - haven't done the AT&T upgrades because they mostly screw something up along the way, and 2.3.4 is rock solid for me. I'm not upgrade eligible until Oct. In general I'm still really happy with the S2. It does feel small web browsing, reading forums, and trying to type (big thumbs).

    We also have an N7 that the wife and I "fight" over at night - winner gets the Nexus, loser is either on their S2 or has to go to upstairs to the desktop. I've been somewhat thinking about getting another N7 - so we'd have one for each of us. I generally use the N7 for some email, reading forums, occasional searching/web browsing, watching movies on trips. I do absolutely no gaming by the way. So I'm wondering if I might be able to use the Note at night and let wife use the Nexus (email, facebook, some web browsing).

    So I'm trying to convince myself to buy the Note2 off contract now for $650 and sell my S2 for $200-$250 to lessen the net cost. Would I still be upgrade eligible in Oct if I'm interested in something else at that time - like a Note 3?

    I have a whole other scenario as a possibility, but not sure about. My daughter is upgrade eligible at the beginning of March and needs a new phone badly (Pantech Crossover - yuck). She's been planning on getting an S3 for her upgrade - but has to pay any amount over $100 for it (assuming we can get it for at least $150, maybe $100 to where she won't have to pay anything). I've floated her an offer for me to take her upgrade in March, give her my S2, then let her use my upgrade in Oct to whatever she wants then (S3, S4) at no cost to her. She's lukewarm on the deal because she doesn't get a whole lot in the deal, especially if the S3 is only $100 in March (free to her). She'd take the deal in a heartbeat if I offered her an iPhone in Oct, but this is an Android house as long as I'm paying for things. And yes, I know I could execute parental authority if I wanted and make her take whatever I say - but I'm trying to be fair and uphold some prior offers/commitments I've made to her.

    If it matters, the money isn't a hardship. I don't like wasting money though.

    So after all that rambling - thoughts?

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  2. Wiley_11

    Wiley_11 Android Enthusiast

    Get Note II, give daughter S2 until upgrade,you won't need an N7. I don't see a problem. :D
  3. Herodroid

    Herodroid Well-Known Member

    Both devices are great, but I'd suggest getting another Nexus 7 and wait till your upgrade is available. I have the 32 Gig version of the N7 and love it.

    I had an EVO 4G that was giving me problems and I was eligible for upgrade, so I decided to get the Note 2. I would not have purchased it if my phone was working fine and I didn't have an upgrade available.

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