Help Need help to downgrade my Galaxy 551


Hey, I flashed euro 2.3.6 on my north amercian galaxy 551 and now having issues with my texts not sending unless I pull out the battery and sim card or turn on flight mode. I want to downgrade back to 2.2.2 KC5 build, But don't know how



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I dont know if the KC5 has the amss file required to restore prior functionality .
In any case ,you need a Stock European Froyo ROM ,specifically ,the

I5510XWKD4 firmware since it is the only FW with Froyo Bootloader .

You will need to flash KC5 firmware over the KD1 .
That is two flashes in total

Check the link below for Firmwares
SamMobile Firmware Page

KD1 is under Smartphone-->Android-->GTI5510-->Europe

KC5 is under Smartphone-->Android-->GTI5510M-->America (North)

Order of flashing
First Flash KD1 then KC1

just curious ,can you tell me which FW do you have right now . XEO-KPG had the least problems . All others are touch and go .

Cheers !!


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OK, I did everything exactly how you said and my phone is no Bricked (black screen) I put into download mode, opened my ops and clicked one package put in the euro froyo and pressed start and Waited 10 mins and it said passed but would not boot

Now I need to unbrick it


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European ROMs are not One package ROMs

There are four files ,PDA,CSC,,PHONE,BOOTLOADER .Try again with all four files
can someone pls explain how it worked bcos i did exactly what it say but for somereason it diesnt i have both image and now bcos i have the same problem when i downgrade to froyo 2,2 i have an gt-i5510m i want to go back to original stock rom bcos gps doesnt work after downgrading my phone is black to so what do i ahve to do to go back to original froyo 2.2?