Root need help: update after root?


:thumbsdowndroid:OK I just got the lg g stylo for boost the other day and today is my first day using it after rooting it with kingroot last night. I'm running android 5.1.1 zv5. I just got an update notification for zv7. Should I accept the update and will I brick my phone and lose root or will I have root in the new update. I haven't flashed a recovery because I wasn't sure which thread was the right one. And what's sad is I rooted my lg volt with custom recovery and Roms and my lg realm I had with just custom recovery but with this one I didn't want to take the chance of messing something up. What should I do?


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If you try to take the update while rooted you'll brick, There is no root for MM. If you want MM you'll need to flash the factory ZV5 on top of your rooted ZV5, then update to MM. The instructions for reflashing are on XDA, Search for the unbrick Boost LG G Stylo thread.