Need help: What WiFi Flash/HDD to get for my Nexus 5?


my phone is a Nexus 5 16gb, and has no sd slot, so I am looking for a device to store recorded video externally. I have tried the StickMount with OTG flash disk, but it is unstable, I can't charge the phone, even with Y cable the charge is very low, and still drains the battery and the hassle with cables is just too much to handle (other truck every day.....)

Now I know there are MANY wifi storages, but..... Please keep reading...

I'm using it as a dashcam recorder, so the program/app (like DailyRoads Voyager) records clips of, say, 5 minutes, and stores them to a folder.

What wifi disk/hdd/flash reader/writer do I need to use, to make it possible to write DIRECTLY from any APP to the wifi device's folder? In other words, it should behave and used as if it were internal memory......

I've asked Kingston, they have nothing that works that way.

I HAVE to be sure, I can not use it if I can only browse the wifi SD card with ONLY one specific dedicated app, it needs to add a map to the phone's system that any another app is able to use for DIRECT storage (maybe needs a driver?).

ALL tips / hints welcome!!


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In my opinion, you should probably start by contacting the app developer and asking them about the solution. A lot of the apps save data in a default location so wifi disk or OTG storage won't matter. So definitely tell them about your situation with a limited internal storage and possibility to save files externally. Perhaps, if they don't have a solution, they can add it to their list of future fixes. Otherwise, if they already have such option they can recommend the best device for a job.

If you look at the sticky in the accessories section with my reviews at the top, I have reviewed RAVPower wif-fi disk and also wi-fi "memory stick" from Sandisk. I'm also getting a new SanDisk ultra dual usb driver (tiny usb OTG rugged drive). So, there are definitely options out there, but start with app developer first, they will probably have the best advice!


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Thank you,

the app I am using gives me the choice to store ANYWHERE I like to, so that is not the problem, I need to know if the wifi drive's folders can be accessed DIRECTLY, like any other folder in the phone.