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Need help with contacts please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TonuStark, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. TonuStark

    TonuStark Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well I made a huge mistake when I transferred my contacts from my SIM. Where I may have had 3 phone #'s, under one contact, I erased all but one for each contact. I did this thinking they were duplicates. I'm not sure how to add more then 1 # to a single contact. While in any particular contact I tried editing that contact, it brings me to the screen that shows there #, e-mail and name. So how do I add another #?

    second, I'm also not sure how to connect an image to a contact name.

    Third, is there an app to make the incoming call photo full screen, instead of the little photo?

    Thank you,

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  2. no driver

    no driver Newbie

    As far as I know it only takes one number for each contact when you copy to your SIM card, and it defaults it to a mobile number (instead of home, office, whatever you had it as before). I had to fire up my old phone afterward to get the additional numbers and double check that my categories were right; don't want to call the boss at home when I'm trying to leave a message at work!
  3. TonuStark

    TonuStark Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I get that, so once you have the contact name set up, how can I add more then one # to that contact, cell, home, work etc?
  4. harryzwd

    harryzwd Member

    the contacts you loaded from your sim you will never be able to add another number to. as long as you have contacts showing that have the little sim card symbol next to them - you're stuck with one number. that's just how they are formatted because they were saved on you sim card and you cannot add more information than what is there.

    once you re-create this contact "on the phone" in the phone's memory, not the sim, you will be able to add multiple numbers, emails, etc.

    i spent the first 2-3 days editing all my contacts and straightening all that out. download usb drivers and get Kies working - i was able to and is saved me a ton of work being able to edit everything on my computer rather than on the phone itself.
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  5. Muirne

    Muirne Newbie

    I ran into the same problem when I switched over. Someone from this forum recommended that I enter them into the google account that I have linked to my phone, that the contacts from that would be pulled in.

    I resigned myself to doing just that, I figured it would be a backup in case something happened to my phone (god forbid), that way I wouldn't lose all my contact information. It worked out really well, I was on my wireless at my house while doing it and it was pretty much instantly updating my contacts in my phone with the newly entered information from google without having hooking up the phone to the pc, etc nor did I have to try to type everything via the touch screen since I was using the pc. Google contacts allowed me to have multiple numbers and email addresses under single contacts.
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  6. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    You are right. Same thing happened to me. How utterly tedious to straighten that all out, but ultimately it was better than manually re-entering everything from scratch.

    I had been spoiled in the past, upgrading from one Motorola phone to another, time after time... I just used the Moto tools to transfer and everything was perfect.

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