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Need help with getting started.

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by SystemIsGod, May 19, 2012.

  1. SystemIsGod

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    Hi, I have an app idea I'd like to start working with but I need a little help with exactly where I should start.
    Basically I want an app that would play MIDI files, but I would like the files to be stored on a server. So, I what I want the app to do is search the database for the MIDIs and display them in the app, the user could then select the midi file he wants to listen to and open it. Then I want it to show information about it, such as composer and various other information, and allow them to play the MIDI or download it to their device.

    Now, I understand I would need a database and everything, and make the app search the database but I am under how I could start setting it up, as I'm not too familiar with databases and integration with Android apps. Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  2. jonbonazza

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  3. StevenHu

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    I would suggest learning about SQLite databases, then connectivity to the app. You can learn from these links:

    Loading external data into PhoneGap
    Updated: loading external data into an iOS PhoneGap app using jQuery 1.5

    PhoneGap Internal Database Support
    Example of PhoneGap's Database Support

    Display data in PG from external MySQL, using PHP and XML (both links needed)
    Create XML with MySQL and PHP | TechRepublic
    XML Parsing with jQuery | Switch on the Code

    These links came from:
    PhoneGap/Cordova Helpful Links, updated 6/26

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