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Need help with glitchy phone / firmware update.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ShelbyK47, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. ShelbyK47

    ShelbyK47 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    VERY new to the forum thing but I'm in desperate need of help! My S3 is going crazy. It's been glitchy all day long (closing apps and force closing screens over and over and over...and I can't stay in a text box to type. Every letter closes the box) So my husband tells me there is a new firmware update out. He pulls out his S3 and updates his phone no problem. I, however, have every possible problem.
    1. Settings>About device>Software Update *WON'T WORK!!!* next page will open for less than a second and take me back to update page
    2. Got page after Software update after A LOT of clicking and after clicking "check for new" a message box popped up saying something along the lines of "Must be connected to check for updates" (not positive because I'm not rainman)
    3. Tried updating through Kies Air and after even more troubleshooting and problems I finally connected to my laptop and apparently my current firmware cannot let me update to the newest version (or something...now it's not connecting and more troubleshooting is going on)
    4. Somehow got to a forum saying dialing *#1234# would give me CPC code and all that jazz. I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure this all means my phone is configured for Algeria (Bought it in the USA in Texas currently live in California)
    AP: I535VRALG7
    CP: I535CRLG7
    CSC: I535VZWALG7
    Please please help me! I am not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed when it comes to these kinds of things but I'm not completely incompetent. What can I do to fix it?

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  2. quickaudi

    quickaudi Android Expert

    did you get your phone from your provider directly or did you buy it from someone? I'm wondering if it might be rooted and updates have been disallowed.
  3. ShelbyK47

    ShelbyK47 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I got it directly from Verizon. I did a factory restore but I'm still unable to update my firmware. I'm still getting the "To check for system updates, go to settings > about device when service is available" message. I'm having another problem now, too, with my text. I am unable to input text into any text box, whether it be texting, searching, searching for contacts, facebook...anything involving text. The phone auto corrected a word I was attempting to type (but couldn't see) and input it into the text box but I couldn't backspace (had to long press and cut to delete) and I have been unable to enter any text since then. :/ I'll probably just end up taking it to my provider and replacing it if I can't figure anything out.

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