Need Help with google play and app downloads

Not sure where to post this hopefully this is where!
My grandaughter bought an IRULU tablet (older model...11 I think) and it came the other day... I tried to download some games for her, waited for the download and install and after "completion" got an exclaimation mark in a triangle and the error message "Package file is invalid", I was also getting another error message about the sigature failing. I went online to look for a fix and did what they said,(clear cashe and data and uninstall updates in google play store and Cleared the Google services Framework data now I am getting an error message that says "sorry Google play store has stopped working"
I WAS able to download a piano app for her, but no games she would like... virtual family, angry birds, nail salons etc... My tablet (Sony experia S) is also giving me the "sorry Google Play store has stopped working" message randomly when I open games and turn the tablet on...and when I open the google play store.
HELP!! I only have a few days left to fix this before I can return her tablet for a refund!!
Thanks in advance!!


I'm looking at the customer reviews for a 10.1 inch IRULU Tablet and there are more 1 star reviews than 5 star ones. I'd send it back.

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Yes send it back for a refund. I think more than likely what's happened as this is a cheapo tablet from China, manufacturer unknown, and iRulu is a Shenzhen or HK trading company. Google Play has been hacked in unofficially and without the approval of Google, and it's never been tested properly. As is often the case with these things.

I see on Amazon it's $170, I think the wholesale price in China for this thing is around $40-$50...if that.