Need help with MMS/Widgets

Hello everyone, I bought my LG GT540 with Andriod 2.1 yesterday, everything was great untill, for some reason, it starts to charge money from nowhere... At first I didn't know what was about, but after a few phone calls to the support line they told me it was due to some widgets updates. I currently have my phone connected to my home network to avoid charging more money, but whenever I go out I have to disable mobile network connections so it wont charge anything, but it will also disable my MMS service, I can't receive or send any MMS. Is there any way to disable widgets updates and still get to receive/send MMS??

Thank you for your time,
Go in to setting - accounts&sync - background data. Make sure to uncheck background data so that your app cannot constantly be attached to the internet. You will still be able to send and receive messages.