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need help with my google account on droid

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by cghodo, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. cghodo

    cghodo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i'm probably going to be getting a droid at the end of january (staying on verizon cause they're the only carrier with 3g in my area). just got a couple questions i'd like to ask.

    1. how integrated can your google account be on a droid? i'd like to at least be able to view my google docs, for example, and i'd actually be a little disappointed if i couldn't edit them from the phone aswell.

    2. i know that you can view word files from the phone. can you view excel spreadsheets? also, is there an app i can download to edit office files too?

    3. how will my work email play with my droid? i just got hired on and i haven't even visited my email so i don't know if its exchange or what.

    again, i'm definately staying with verizon so my choices are just the droid and the droid eris for right now.

  2. cghodo

    cghodo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    65 views and no response? I've looked at reviews, but I haven't seen anyone talked much about various aspects of the google docs thing.
  3. Damian

    Damian Newbie

    From what i know you can read and view your Google Docs but you cant edit them from your Droid right now or any other Android device, The Android team are working on google Docs for Android users tho.

    And your email lets say GMail will be integrated on your Android device perfectly :) so you wont have to worry

    Here what i got from google Android GMail page

    *Push email. Gmail on Android shows new messages in your inbox as they arrive - without having to refresh or 'check mail.'

    *Notifications. Get notified on the status bar whenever a new email arrives, so you never miss an important message.

    *View attachments. Open message attachments - including photos, Microsoft Word™ documents, MP3s and PDF files.

    Also dont know what spreadsheets are but i think this may shed some light on you
    Official Google Docs Blog: Add, edit, sort, and filter: Improved mobile access to spreadsheets

    For the Google Docs with some quick googling i found this app which is available in the Android Market specifically made for your Google Docs


    UPDATE 2 LOL just notice that GDocs also has spreadsheets so yeah :), that App has Google Docs and Spreadsheets
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  4. gbindy

    gbindy Lurker

    Just got my Droid Dec 30, and can access excel speadsheet docs via google docs, but pdf files never appear. Have not tried emailing pdf doc as attachment, but want to be able to find doc easily. Was hoping to keep it in google docs. Any suggestions?
  5. tbroadbent

    tbroadbent Lurker

    Damian, thank you SO much for the app suggestion-- I just got a Droid because of work email setup (miss my Blackberry but am learning to type accurately on Droid, slowly) and I was frustrated that I couldn't edit docs-- I will go get the app. You rock!

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