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Need help with publishing app to the play store.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by VedantS, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. VedantS

    VedantS Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys,

    My team and I have been developing a React Native app with Expo and we are ready to publish a free version of our app on the play store. We are not legally a company just a group of developers and so I want to know how to set up the developer account while publishing.

    What are the best practices?

    Thank you.

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  2. MoodyBlues

    MoodyBlues Compassion is cool!
    VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums, VedantS! :)

    Your best bet for getting help with your question is to ask on our Android Development board. That's where you'll find other app developers, and they should be able to guide you.

    Good luck with your app!

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