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need help with [root] StickMount

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DarkKiaser, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. DarkKiaser

    DarkKiaser Lurker
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    ok i have nexus 7 2013, i rooted it (root still active). Android build is 4.4.4. I also have [root] StickMount when it was first installed i could access my videos music and iso for my emulators like for FPse for android. I have a 1tb Toshiba external hard drive.
    now when i try to mount drive wont work. I have tried re-rooting nexus 7, re downloading [root] StickMount and installing it. i have also tried 4 other otg cables.
    nothing is working to get access to hard drive. only change between when working and stopped working is 1. [root] StickMount was updated. 2. I downloaded Tincore Keymapper (I have tried uninstalling it and rebooting nexus 7 without it installed still doesn't work.)
    I also have dl the file ntfs-3g-only file and installed it still nothing. My hard drive is formated ntfs.

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