Help need help with rooted g2

hi guys
i rooted my g2 last night after downgrading it from 2.3.4 to 2.2 ...
the reason i rooted it was to get it sumunlocked as i dont live in the states.
now that i use it .. i feel like it is a bit slow as compared to when it was running on 2.3.4...
my question is.. is it just my thinking that it has gotten slow or is 2.3.4 really runs smoother than 2.2.

thnx in advance
(sorry for my english)

Joe Dirt

Android Enthusiast
Yeah 2.3 is smoother, now that you are rooted you can flash the stock rooted 2.3 or try some even faster custom ROMs. Give CM7 a try after you make a backup of course.