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Need Help with Unbricking A Phone

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by faisal118, Feb 5, 2016.

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    QMobile is a well known local brand in South Asian countries. I have a clone of Q-Mobile Q15. It's a MTK Chinese phone with mt6582 hardware. In the beginning everything was working fine except google play services and 3G. I thought maybe flashing a custom rom will make everything fine. I rooted and Then I Installed CWM Custom Recovery for flashing roms. I made a nandroid backup with CWM in my SD Card. Then I flashed a rom. After flashing rom, everything went dark, I couldn’t turn on the phone. I knew that the phone was hard bricked. Then I downloaded MTK Droid Tools and SP Flash Tools. I didn’t have any backup of stock rom with mtk droid tools, so I took a backup of another phone almost same and I flashed the rom in my phone. Now I can turn on the phone but in the screen everything is messed up. I can’t see anything. Sometimes when I get into recovery mode and plug in USB, on computer adb can detect the phone with recovery mode and also mtk droid tools can detect with recovery mode. There’s only one way to recover my phone and that is flashing it’s own stock rom. I searched the internet but I couldn’t find any thing because it doesn’t have any fixed brand name. I have a backup of it’s stock rom but in nandroid form. Is there any way through which I can flash CWM Nandroid Backup with SP Flash Tools or something???

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