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hello every one, i need help please i am desperate, i have a samsung tab 10.1 and a couple days back my wireless was having problems so i decided to change the rom but when i was wiping the memory i erase the operating system.

Could you please help trying to find out a way to insert the rom to the memory y have installed twrp.

thank you very much if you need more info please let me know.


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Hi LuchO, Welcome to AF!! I moved your thread into the Tab10 forums so you can get better help from people who have this tab:D
Once you have completely flashed your device you should be able to get the correct android version from Google, download to you PC and transfer to phone via USB. When in debugging mode. And install using fastboot . Check out YouTube for tutorials. Sorry I don't know the specifics I've never had to do this myself. But as I understand it it should be fairly straightforward. Let me know if you have any luck.


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Thank you for your helo but the thing is how can I put the os in the memory since the tablet doe not have os I can only access to the fastboot with twrp so I am really lost how can I re instakked everything again thanks once more!!!