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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DJMatthews33, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Hello All, Let me start by saying I am a sprint sales rep. I like you am/was hugely excited for this phone, and rushed out to wait in line to upgrade my wifes consumer account at 5:30 AM on friday so I could have one before I had to be at work at 7 to sell them all day. I am astonished at how well this phone performs and its unique and cool features, however I have found quite a few things nagging me that I cannot do. I understand anytime you early adopt to something its ussually not going to be able to do everything you want it to right away, but Im hoping some android genuises might be able to help me out here.

    1) How can I watch my MLB.tv subscription on this phone?
    I was very excited when I saw that android marketplace now had MLB at bat in its marketplace, but hugely dissapointed when I found it does not support live games (like that other phone does). When I looked on Mlb.com for an answer it says Android does not support some sort of optimizition technique that the other phone does. Its hard for me to believe with the hardware backing this phone that it is not possible. The workaround I used to use on my touchpro 2 was to use the skyfire browser to login and watch it. However when I download skyfire for android and try to watch the game it tells me I need to download flash..is there a setting I might be missing?

    2) Whats up with 4g speed?
    I know this probably isnt great to be bringing up about the company I work for but I have not seen myself or read of anyone's speedtest on the evo exceeding the 3MB/sec barrier. The speeds I consistently see are outstanding by 3g expectations but not near what I expected of 4g espescially since I have seen our Mobile Broadband products consistently exceed those barriers. Is there something with device or software limiting these speeds?

    3) How do I get movies on this freaking phone?
    I have spent half of my day today trying to find out how to get movies in high resolution onto my phone. When I saw commercials for the HTC HD2 I immediately thought how great Transformers 2 revenge of the fallen is going to look on my 4.3 inch evo screen, only to find the undertaking of actually getting movies onto it that will maximize the screen's potential is proving next to impossible for me. I have read in a buch of other forums people suggesting handbrake to rip their dvd's to Mp4 format. I tried using handbrake and everytime I insert a dvd and try to begin the process all I get is an error log. Furthermore I am unsure if this will actually maximize the resolution potential. So after failed attempts at that I tried converting my Digital Copies from Itunes because I know that there picture quality is excellent after attempting using Doubletwist I found out all the movies are DRM protected and therefore cannot be converted. So my next adventure was to explore software that removes the DRM protection by basically recording the playback of the film. But it seems all this software costs like 30 dollars and results in picture/sound quality loss in the process. Finally since every forum I read said I need to have my movies in MP4 H.264 format I tried downloading a pirated movie in said format just to see if it would work no matter how bad the quality. After downloading and confirming the film would play on my computer i loaded it onto my phone and boom I had sound with no video. I also tried downloading multiple alternative players through the marketplace with no luck from any of those either. Any assistance someone can offer to get me pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    4) Why will the microphone not work for some apps that it worked on past devices?
    Not a huge deal but apps like flick my bic and steamy window have the ability to take input from the microphone (ie. refog the glass or blow out the lighter) on past devices (HTC Hero etc.). Are these functions just going to require an update from the developer to interface with our new hardware or is there something else at play?

    5) When will the Slingplayer Mobile App be available?
    I use my slingbox religously and knew going in that I was going to have to wait on the app for android but everything Im reading just keeps saying summer. Does anyone know a definitive date? Also just wondering since I already paid $30 dollars to have a registered copy of slingplayer mobile will I have to pay for this again. I know if I want the app on my itouch they want me to pay $30 to download the app so I am SOL because the registration key doesnt matter you just have to pay to download the app. Will it be the same way in android market where you just have to pay to download the app?

    6) How can I run video to the screens in my car?
    So in the past with my touch pro 2 I run the video out to the composite(Red/white/yellow) ports for my car stereo so I can use the slingbox to watch cable tv in my car. Now that they have switched to HDMI for the output how can i get the signal back to composite so that my car stereo since there are no stereos on the market that I know of with an HDMI input.

    If you took the time to read all of that THANK YOU!!!!! And if the question I asked gets answered and helps you in some way please hit me up on the thanks button because this is my first time posting in the site and I could use the street cred!!!!

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