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Need HTC HERO users to find my bugs

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by androidlemmon, May 26, 2010.

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    I have an app called Not Call Log in the market and since my last update it has killed my HTC hero user base, but none of them will email me and I don't have a hero to work with. Keep in mind that I do have an HTC Evo also running sense ui and I don't have the same issues. So that said
    Hero users only need to respond. But everyone can go get my app.
    Install Not Call Log from the market. Run the app once and set it to where you would like your phone yo return to after an outgoing call(the call log is too easy to accidentally dial someone FROM) then set the slider ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT. Then press save and make a phone call. When you hang up you should not see anything but the phone go to wherever you chose
    HTC hero users are reporting lag. Meaning toucan see the call log come up it waits and then goes to where you chose
    It is crashing or not working for them
    If you are going to respond please so this

    1. Download aLogcat from the market
    2. Download Not Call Log from the market
    3. Follow the above instructions to setup and make a call.
    4. Go into aLogCat and copy the log into your reply or send it to rogerl.android@gmail.com
    5. Respond with your experiences.

    Thanks everyone.
    Roger L

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