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Need information about long battery life android tablets

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kenwork, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. kenwork

    kenwork Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I need information about the few released android tablets which has got long battery life, can anyone compile the information and give me here. I like to buy an android tablet which has got long battery life and with great features. I do not mind buying android froyo operating system.

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  2. Drhyde

    Drhyde Android Enthusiast

    Right now the only tablet I can even recall with good battery life is the Galaxy Tab. There really aren't any good Android tablets out at the moment worthy of purchase. If you root it and install custom software, I've heard the Nook Color is exceptional. Otherwise, wait a few months for the new tablets. I'm sure they'll have good battery life and better overall specs and UI.
  3. xmr405o

    xmr405o Android Expert

    My gtablet has great battery life. However, you need to install a custom rom to bring out its potential. It runs a tegra 2 cpu with 512mb ddr2 ram.
  4. cruxader

    cruxader Newbie

    Long battery life has 2 meaning.
    On the whole, I am quite happy with the run time of 4hrs on my FlyTouch2.
    That means I can play movies for 4 hrs!

    However the big bugaboo is the standby time.
    Standby time of 8~10 hrs is ridiculous.
    That means that if I bring my tablet out with me, it is almost flat by the time I get home, even though I rarely turn it on!

    I envisage usage of 2~3 hrs ON time in a 7am-7pm full day (include commute).
    That means I need 9-hrs standby + 3 hrs run time.

    Now, I have to power off the tablet to achieve that.
    That means a 1~2 mins boot time and really negates the advantage of a tablet over a laptop.

    I believe only the Galaxy Tab can meet this requirements...

    If only they can make the standby consume 1/10 the power of on state, I would be happy. Does it seems so hard?

    I heard rumours that standby in some tablets just means turning off the backlight!
    The tablet is still running full speed!
  5. xmr405o

    xmr405o Android Expert

    Here's an example how good the g-tablet (not samsung galaxy tab) battery is..

    I took my family to San Jose, the drive was about 6-7 hrs...my kids watched 2 full movies, played some gba games using a wiimote, we video chatted with their grandparents, and they also watched a couple of spongebob episodes thru a website using flash...
    At the end of the trip, I was still at 33% battery. The g-tablet was on the whole time, maybe an hour was stand by because my kids took a nap.
    I think that's some heavy duty usage and great battery life.

    Standby time, I can keep my tablet in sleep mode for about 1.5 days without charging. That's on a full charge.
  6. jtbnet

    jtbnet Android Enthusiast

    I can ditto your Viewsonic G-tab history... and add that though the in heavy use time is less the standby time for the nook color is also incredible... I forgot to plug it in just set it to sleep and 12 hrs. later it had used 0 to 1% battery usage...
  7. corwyn74

    corwyn74 Lurker

    I personally don't feel that the G Tablet battery life is great...

    For me sleep time is just as important as how long it will run when it is on. I am not a fruit fan, but those fruity tablets will still have power after sleeping for a month, while the G Tablet is dead in 1-2 days max.

    I also have a Viewsonic G Tablet with custom ROM which is great, battery life while using the device is great, but it kills me that if I take my tablet out with me (which is the point of owning one) it is usually dead or dying when I wake it up.

    Google/Android/devs/manufactures NEED to address this issue...

    I strongly prefer Android but the lack of consistency, Netflix not available on most devices, and battery life on standby are huge turn offs - since I have Netflix working and don't need much else (related to the inconsistency of apps available) the battery drain on standby is the ONE BIG drawback!

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