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Support Need MMS UAProf Patch

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by amoamare, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. amoamare

    Thread Starter

    Feb 17, 2010
    I just recently obtain a Motorola Milestone I am currently using it with t-mobile. Im on the $4.99 Edge plan that was fathered in a long time ago and have been using it sense the iPhone.
    I have set everything up correctly on the Milestone for Picture Messaging and Internet except one thing, My pictures that I receive are no bigger than 6KB and are usually around 125x125

    This was a common problem with users on iPhone the way it was fixed was by changing the UAProf to http://wap.sonyericsson.com/UAprof/W800iR101.xml I have looked around and found a guy who made a patch to the MMS client, everything works ok but it does have bugs when its installed and tends to crash. Will not show Contacts properly etc this was made for another device.

    If somone can take his idea and apply it to the messaging App for the milestone 2.01 software i would be gratefull so i can receive full high quality pictures. Also can you add MMS Sending Size so i can change the limit to a little higher than 256kb something to like 500 or 715 would be nice.

    Here is the files,
    Index of /filez/

    Here is the site from where he talks about it.

    Here is my APN Setup
    T-Mobile Data
    APN - internet2.voicestream.com
    Proxy - None
    Port - None
    Username- None
    Password- None
    APN Type- defualt

    T-Mobile MMS
    APN - wap.voicestream.com
    Proxy - None
    Port - None
    Username- None
    Password- None
    MMSC - http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
    MMS Proxy -
    MMS Port - 8080
    APN Type - MMS

    I can send and receive just fine other than the pictures are extremely small and like i said this was commona problem with iPhone it was the UAProf


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