Help Need OG Droid Help! Please


Ok so I've had my droid for about 2 years and lately I've been running a older version of miui, then one day I rebooted my phone and wifi didn't work and I couldn't receive any calls, it would just show up as Not Connected. So I flashed a Gingerbread rom. I could receive phone calls but I couldn't hear or speak to the other person. What would verizon say if I brought my phone to there store. Would they help me even tho its rooted?
Umm, no. One, your phone is NOT under warranty anymore, so they wont help you. Two, your phone is rooted, which also voids the warranty, so they wont help you.

Try flashing back to a stock rom. If that doesnt work, get a new phone, or if you have insurance, call them and pay the deductable to get another one.