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Need opinions about Wildfire S

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Harish Harris, May 24, 2011.

  1. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi friends,
    I'm interested in buying this phone.. can any 1 please suggest me whether i can go forward and get this phone? what are the pros and cons of this phone?

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  2. cookie365

    cookie365 Member

    That's a bit of an open ended question :)

    I've got the Wildfire S and I think it's great, but you might be looking for different things in a phone.

    What is it about this particular phone that interests you and what concerns do you have?
  3. sailinggiant

    sailinggiant Lurker

    I got my Wildfire S a week ago and am very pleased with it. I changed from a Nokia X6 and the difference is phenomenal - this small phone is actually usable on the internet which the Nokia wasn't. battery lasts two days now that I have learnt to turn all the gps/wifi/bluetooth etc. off when not in use but the first day the battery was 3/4 gone in 5 hours. My favourite app is the freecaddie pro which shows how far your ball is to any hole in any course as well as all the course maps.
    Best of all it works well as a phone because it is the right size!
  4. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, in this price range i felt that the Wildfire S has the best features compared to other phones in the market. Since it is a new phone, thought of getting some user reviews because i have heard that the old Wildfire is a very good phone for its price range. And this would be my first Android mobile phone :)
  5. cookie365

    cookie365 Member

    Well, it's my first smartphone too.

    Screen looks great, it's easy to use, calls are clear, camera is reasonably good, it's nice and small and light, build quality is good.

    Possible cons (pretty minor as far as I'm concerned):

    • you can't install Flash
    • some video files won't play - e.g. some of the mp4s from the TED podcast don't play correctly
    • as you're essentially moving from a phone to a computer it does take a day or two to get used to all the options and the concepts behind how the user interface works
    • you'll need to buy a charger cable for every power socket you're likely to find yourself near - smartphones drink juice big time
    • unlike my old C902 it doesn't have silver and black stripes along the edges, so the Wildfire S no longer matches my favourite cufflinks

    I don't regret buying it at all. Prices seem to be dropping now so shop around
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  6. Jethro10

    Jethro10 Well-Known Member

    LOL, definitely.
    and the Wildfire S is quite good on battery usage!

  7. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks a lot for the info :) .
    Now i'm ready to buy this phone :D
    But in the phone specifications it had been mentioned that it supports flash :(
  8. Fat Cat

    Fat Cat Newbie

    this is my first smart phone and I have to say that I'm well chuffed with it!
    Everything about it is new to me and I'm having fun trying to see what the phone has, what apps are available etc etc. :D
  9. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    But i'm concerned regarding the battery life of this phone
    Will it last for a day on an average use?
  10. Fat Cat

    Fat Cat Newbie

    Juice Defender was recommended to me so I downloaded the app and my phone lasts the whole day on a single charge.
    I'd recommend you get it too.

    Not sure sure on what everyone else thinks about Juice Defender?
  11. skpipaliya

    skpipaliya Lurker

    phones great...only prob is battery...why d hell HTC guys reduced its size to 1230 MAmps from atleast 1300 in old wildfire..
  12. cookie365

    cookie365 Member

    Yes, for me it does.
  13. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hmm but what exactly does the juice defender do? Is it like a task manager? Used to kill unwanted applications running on the background?
  14. Fat Cat

    Fat Cat Newbie

    Harish Harris likes this.
  15. bitsybobsy

    bitsybobsy Newbie

    Nobody mentioned about size but I think it is a very important feature of the phone. If u like smaller size phones, great phone, otherwise, not so

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