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need opinions! is dungeon base online game cheaper/better than open world game?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Big Boar, Oct 16, 2018.

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    i just notice this. it seems open world games like lineage 2 revolution asks more money than non-open world online games, is it just me? the 30 days daily resources on non-open world games only cost 5 dollars, and its plenty enough to have solid gears and stats. and there's only one! the open world costs 10 dollars for 30 days resources and they're several! so if you want good resources you have to purchase all 30 days resources for 50 to 70 dollars, and it doesn't even included main gems to purchase on auction shops, you need to spend 100 dollars for 4000 gems which is just good enough. that seems a ridiculous price man. is open world online games much more expensive than non-open world? and lastly i notice this. the non-open world game can be more pvp friendly, because you actually need skills like timing and dodge to defeat other players, the open world is just auto-play you only need to move.



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